Would you like to be described as a game-changer?

Pulling off a successful marketing campaign/project that has social impact is easier said than done. In my own work with the SCACS advertising team we’ve tried to this; aiming for excellence of the Booker T Washington type – “excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”

The kinds of campaigns that generate these sorts of remarks can, I think, be described as “excellent”:

  • “they are also providing a significant change in redefining the standards of advertising and the unrealistic ideals for the way women look”
  • “this campaign is a game-changer for advertising and more should follow in their footsteps”; “a powerful video, but it doesn’t mean is perfect”;
  • “a campaign that shows how a company chooses when and how to jump into the commercials landscape with the right marketing scheme”
  • “women have reportedly wept over this video, and who could blame them?”

Any idea which campaign I’m talking about? Did you work out who the critics are getting themselves into a lather over? Just a cream soap.

Marketing campaigns that link to societal issues can be game-changers. Check out the examples on Publizia, a fantastic blog that compiles the best advertising samples. Count how many are linked to social issues, both in societal marketing terms or as social marketing campaigns.

A nine day’s wonder?. Last check, Coke ad bringing tears to your eyes.


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